Vaupes river

ConservAndo is a non-profit organization committed to the conservation of the biological and cultural diversity of Colombia.


We recognize the historical value that indigenous, Afro-descendant and peasant communities have in the care and good use of the biological diversity existing in their territories. We work hand in hand with them to promote balanced relationships between human beings and nature, contributing to the strengthening of culture, as a constitutive nucleus of the various social groups within Colombia.


We consider research and education as the fundamental lines of action that articulate the development of our projects aimed to the conservation of biodiversity and the ways of life present in Colombia.


The ConservAndo Foundation brings together an interdisciplinary team of professionals from different areas of knowledge and people with vast knowledge from different ethnic groups and communities to seek solutions and alternatives to different social and environmental problems we are currently facing, as well as to empower and strengthen the capacities of the communities present in the territories of influence.

We work by the hand with different indigenous communities in the department of Vaupés specifically in the Tiquié, Papurí, Cuduyarí rivers and with communities surrounding the urban center of Mitú (Capital city of Vaupes department) in various areas, such as the management of natural resources and territory, revitalization of cultural practices, generation of productive chains that give value to biodiversity and culture.


The headquarter of ConservAndo is located in the municipality of Mitú, this is a space in which the actions and of our NGO are implemented as a center for research, thinking, learning and different social and cultural gatherings.