Wood self-construction workshop in the Amazon jungle.

Experimental residency

Mitú, Vaupés – Colombia

March 15 to 5th of april 2020

April 12 the 3 of may 2020


Conservando has recently formed two symbiotic alliances, one with Infinito Project, a social project that creates and supports different processes of cultural, social and individual well-being through art and the creation of infrastructure and community synergies that lead to the realization of dreams.

The other with Corporacion Proyecto NN, a non-profit organization with an interest in collaborative processes and cooperative economies. Operating since 2011 in Medellín as a work platform in the fields of architecture, design and cultural circulation proposing positions and critical actions to the problems of space. 

Under this symbiosis we want to generate multiple spaces for collective learning and we have designed our first course focused on construction and architecture with wood, in the Amazon jungle.

Recently, it was provided to Conservando a 3.6 ha space of Amazonian jungle to strengthen and promote the process that we have been having in the Vaupés region. This is a space designed for the realization of different cultural and social events, a space that currently has a traditional indigenous house, known in the region as malocas, which is a suitable space for receiving visitors. Our headquarters are projected to have an infrastructure that allows the development of other types of educational and conservation activities, including a laboratory, scattered observatories in the jungle and canopy, a greenhouse  and shelters.

The Infinito Project, Proyecto NN and Conservando are looking out for 10 persons who want to learn to self-build with wood and have a life changing experience in the Colombian AMAZON JUNGLE. 

This course will last 21 days and is ideal for people interested in learning about methods and forms of self-construction with wood and native materials of the amazon jungle. In addition, that are interested in learning more about nature, ecology, conservation, permaculture, food security and community development in the Colombian Amazon and in turn integrate these concepts into their careers and daily lives.

The general objective of this course is to develop and put into practice self-construction skills working with wood and using manual and electric power tools, building in the Amazon rainforest within nature and understanding the environment.

We expect attendees at the end of the course to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • Develop building skills in wood

  • Learn the correct and safe use of hand and power tools

  • Learn about traditional construction techniques

  • Learn about greenhouses, forestry in the jungle, and orchards.

  • Know the different ecosystems and interactions present in the Amazon.

  • Understand the impact that a construction in the jungle can generate.



This course will be held in 2 groups of 5 people temporarily separated on the following dates:

March 15 to April 5, 2020 group 1

April 12 to May 3, 2020 group 2


This course will last 3 weeks divided into two stations, the first week corresponds to a reception in the city of Medellín to learn some self-construction techniques with Proyecto NN in Medellín-Colombia Exploratory, and the next two weeks correspond to the workshop in Mitú - Colombia where wood construction will be learned directly in the field.



Week 1: Medellín, Colombia We will visit some places in the city guided by members of  Proyecto NN Project with the intention of knowing projects of self-construction and community construction. We will take a look at basic concepts of tool handling and wood construction necessary to continue the immersion in Mitu, Vaupes, Colombia.

Week 2 and 3: Stay in Mitú, Colombia Accompaniment and immersion in the construction of the following infrastructure for the Conservando headquarters:

  • construction of a deck and shelter around a stone

  • jungle laboratory construction

  • observatory building

  • dry bath construction

Number of participants: 5 per group


In these two weeks in Mitú you will not only learn about self-construction, during this time we will also learn about the ecology of the jungle, its biological, social and cultural dynamics, as well as different approaches to food production and the use of appropriate alternative technologies (dry baths , Alternative energies, among others.)


We will also have the opportunity to visit an indigenous community and live with a savvy and his family at our headquarters.


It is not necessary to have any previous knowledge about construction to complete this course.



At the end of the course participants will receive a certificate of course participation.



Cost per person: $ 1,800 USD


  • Air tickets Medellin - Mitu - Bogota or Medellin *.

  • Accomodations in Medellin at the NN House, headquarters of the NN Project corporation.

  • Accomodations in Mitú at the headquarters of Conservando **.

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the residence ***.

  • Transfers in both cities and guided tours.

  • Entrance to communities that we visit.

  • All materials and course fees.

*The initial ticket to Medellín city where the course will begin is NOT included. ONLY tickets are included for the Medellín - Mitú and Mitú - Bogotá routes (or if Mitú - Medellín is preferred)


** The stay in Mitú will be in a maloca, a traditional communal house in the Vaupés area, the sleeping is usually in a hammock with a mosquito net, if you have any problem sleeping in a hammock you must notify us to provide a solution. It has a dry bath and shower that works with rainwater. In this traditional house there is a savvy and his family who will be accompanying and teaching us for the duration of the course.

*** All necessary food and drink will be provided for the group throughout the course, this will be based on food from the region and will be highly varied. If you have any food restriction we have no problem, just let us know.


For citizens of Central and South America we offer a scholarship that will cover 40% of the total price (720 USD) contact us for more details.

Our team:


We have a team of collaborating professionals and volunteer friends, as well as local experts who will be giving talks and accompanying the process at all times.


Architect from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellin, Colombia. She has participated as in architecture and design offices in Medellín and Bogotá. She was a professor in the architecture faculty of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in the area of ​​design from 2012 to 2017. Has attended illustration courses because drawing is a personal interest that contributes to her professional practice. She has been part of Proyecto NN  Corporation since 2011.

Contact: luillye@gmail.com

Instructor - Coordinator Medellín (Proyecto NN)

Luisa Fernanda Echeverri


Architect of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Master in "Architecture, criticism and project" of the same academic institution. He has participated as an architect in urban design and planning offices in Medellín, developing small and large-scale urban projects. He is professor in the architecture faculty of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in the area of ​​history and theory. He is an associate member of Proyecto NN since 2011 where he has been able to participate in the design and construction of multipurpose objects for public space, co-creation projects with communities, design of commercial stands and in research projects.

Instructor (Proyecto NN)

Gabriel Esteban Duque 




Nadia Munera


Biologo de la Universidad de Antioquia con una maestria del Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Amazonicas - INPA de Brasil en gestion de areas protegidas. Co fundador y director ejecutivo de la Fundación Conservando. Desde el año 2013 trabaja con comunidades indígenas del Vaupés entendiendo las dinámicas biológicas y sociales establecidas en el territorio. Posee amplio conocimiento del Vaupés, sus ecosistemas y la cultura allí presente. 

Contact: a.campuzano@fundacionconservando.org

Instructor - Coordinador Mitú (Fundación Conservando)

Alejandro Campuzano


Architect from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, in Medellin, Colombia Master in "Architecture, criticism and project" of the same academic institution. She has participated as an architect in design and landscaping offices in Medellín, developing architectural projects of residential and educational type, such as public and private landscape projects. She is a professor in the faculty of architecture of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in the area of ​​history and theory, design and research. She has been part of  Proyecto NN since 2011.


Laura Sofia Montoya Gomez

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-25 at 11.23.56.jp

Psychologist from the University of San Buenaventura in Medellin, Colombia. From 15 years of age to 25, he carryied out construction work for three months in the United States. He is the creator of the Infinite Project, a social project that uses architecture for community and social purposes. He has a deep and extensive knowledge about working with wood, restoring, remodeling, installing and building all kinds of structures and buildings. He is also a connoisseur of Chinese medicine and a practitioner of acupuncture.

Instructor (Infinito Project)

Nicolas Katzman

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-09 at 09.51.08.jp

Soñador  interesado en el desarrollo de un modo de vida alternativo y sustentable, enfocado en  el ecodiseño como la base del pensamiento para brindar soluciones más amigables con nuestro entorno, apasionado por las energías alternativas, la bioconstrucción, permacultura, técnicas de producción más limpias y recuperación de materiales ancestrales,  como herramientas de transformación social. Enfoca sus ideas en proyectos que puedan ser asequibles y a su vez con herramientas de desarrollo en comunidades que necesitan fortalecerse. Con formación en Ingeniería de diseño de EAFIT.

Instructor (Fundación Conservando)

Sergio Molina



  • Be of age (18 years or older)

  • Speak Spanish or English

  • Have some type of social / medical insurance (you must send your policy or registration letter when selected)

  • Have availability to participate for 3 weeks in either season

  • Diligence the application form

  • Be selected to participate



How to reserve your quota: To reserve your quota fill out the form found below. Our team will be in touch shortly!

Jungle construction workshop application form

If you have questions or comments send us an email to contacto@proyectonn.com or contact the Conservando Foundation

Mitú and the Amazon rainforest


Mitú is a city in the middle of the Amazon rainforest of great particularity, it is a place where about 90% of the population is part of one of the 27 ethnic groups present in the Vaupés department. There a great number of people come together who live in the communities spread over the different rivers scattered in the Amazon rainforest.


Located in the south east of Colombia on the right bank of the Vaupés River in the department of Vaupés. Almost the entire territory is continuous jungle and there are a number of hills surrounding the municipality. Vaupés is a department that is not only characterized by its great cultural diversity, but also by its great biological biodiversity and the state of conservation of its forests.


The communities present take advantage of all the resources of the forest for food, medicine, wood for construction and cooking, handicrafts, among others. These communities have stories of occupation of the territory of many generations and have a deep knowledge and connection with this and the nature present there.


Mitú is a municipality full of magic with a high potential for tourism all its wealth and different ways of living and conceiving relations with the environment and others.

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