Fisheries in the Colombian Tiquie river

Within the framework of the research done by our director Alejandro Campuzano for his masters degree and with funding from the Rufford Foundation the following project was developed in the Tiquie river:


"traditional Ecological Knowledge and Way of Life to Think in Community Management of Fish Resources in the Tiquié River, in the Colombian Amazon"


The people from Tiquie river in Colombia, members of more than 10 ethnic groups distributed in 11 communities, have in recent years noticed decrease of fish stocks in the area. The main objective of this work was to propose a basis for the creation of a community management plan through understanding the way of life and traditional ecological knowledge present in the area. Fieldwork was carried out that consisted in visiting the 11 communities together with a local co-investigator team, whose members where trained in participatory research and the usage of audiovisual media as investigation tools. An analysis was carried out to have a better understanding of way of life, its present forms of production, ecological knowledge, traditional and ritual management, and an evaluation of the influence of different historical processes in the area. Bases for management measures and indicators to monitor fish resource in the area are proposed.

The present study can be downloaded here: 

A documentary was also shot, you can watch the trailer here: